Labels for car chemical goods and chemical products

We are printing labels for car chemicals and car cosmetics in Russia, Moscow. These labels are distinguished by bright, large design elements and reliable operation properties of self-adhesive material. The decoration of self-adhesive labels for car chemicals and chemical products rarely goes beyond the standard additional operations. Such processes as Continuous UV varnishing, lamination and foil stamping are applied.

In order to distinguish profitably products from the mass of all kinds of canisters, buckets and barrels, it is necessary to take into account that the self-adhesive label for petrochemical products, car chemicals and car cosmetics should be bright. As a rule, almost the entire surface of the label is taken by the brand of the company color, the brand of the product and technical information.

Reservoirs for car chemicals are original in shape, differ in color and volume, so the self-adhesive label on the canister must also be of the original form and comply with the packaging design. Storage and operation of such products are in unfavorable conditions in contact with all kinds of chemicals, oils and inks. Proper selection of self-adhesive material, inks and a protective layer will protect the self-adhesive label from the aggressive environment for the entire life of the product, protect it from falsification.

For printing of self-adhesive labels for chemistry in Arte printshop in Russia we use light-resistant inks and printing on a film with reinforced glue. Such labels do not fade in the sun, the film with a reinforced adhesive layer is firmly held on any surfaces, resistant to temperature extremes, humidity and mechanical impact during operation.

In the market of premium motor oils, inks and varnishes in Russia, increased attention is paid to the design and production of self-adhesive labels. We are sure that the printing and finishing processes of our printing house Arte (Moscow) can increase the attractiveness of the self-adhesive labels for car chemistry and car cosmetics printed in Russia.

“ARTE” printing house has competent specialists, a wide choice of specialized materials and a great technological experience in the production of self-adhesive labels for car chemistry and chemical products of any class.