Labels for household chemical

Self-adhesive labels for household chemicals have a number of features that allow to distinguishing them in a separate group. This label has a bright graphic design and simple execution. Household chemical goods, as a rule, are massive and inexpensive, so the processes of printing a self-adhesive label and postpress processing are simple, we can offer you all this in Moscow, Russia.

Self-adhesive label for household chemicals solves mainly utilitarian problems when using the product. Durability, for a long time preserving the information content when using the product for the entire service life is required from this type of label. If the surface area of the container is small, the placement of the required information is problematic. Therefore multi-layer self-adhesive labels on which it is possible to place, for example, instructions for use in several languages at the same time, spread.

The tasks to increase the durability and service life of the self-adhesive label for household chemicals are solved by the correct selection of substrate, the use of various protective varnishes and laminating film. Arte offers most popular film materials in Russia. In the process of using of household chemicals, the container usually has to be deformed — press or compact. A quality label shouldn’t damage and lose its properties. Self-adhesive labels on the film basis are characterized by increased resistance to mechanical impact and aggressive environments, which are household chemicals.

Using paper materials in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels for cleansing products, it is recommended to protect the image by varnishing or lamination. Arte performs varnishing or lamination of labels in Moscow, Russia. This additional process allows you to save the presentation of the product during transportation, storage and using, not to lose the information content and attractive appearance of the self-adhesive label for the entire period of use.

“ARTE” printing house offers the customers all the best possibilities of its flexographic line for the production of self-adhesive labels for household chemicals. Flexography is one of the most effective ways of applying the image on foil, polypropylene and polyethylene, which we do for many our customers in Russia and abroad. This technology allows you to get bright images and readable fonts, it is very important for selling the final product and for manufacturers of household chemicals.

“ARTE” printing house has competent specialists, a wide choice of specialized substrates and great technological experience in the production of self-adhesive labels in Russia for household chemicals of any class.