Labels for cosmetics and perfumery

The main aim for manufacturers of perfumery and cosmetic products is to be discerned by a buyer from the total mass, which is largely achieved by the presence of the original design, quality printing and label uniqueness. A bright, original and stand out label is a go-to tool in the promotion of any product. Modern printing equipment allows you to make labels of diverse complexity. We print labels in Russia for perfumes and cosmetics.

The flexographic line of “Arte” (Moscow) printing house makes the printing and finishing of the self-adhesive label with a high quality performance. While developing of labels for perfumery and cosmetics, the designers and technologists often use all sorts of visual-optical and tactile effects of self-adhesive materials, varnishes and inks. Complex printed layout elements, plenty of small details and the presence of brand colors require the use of not only triad, but also Pantone mixed inks. We run our mixed station at our premises in Moscow.

All kinds of self-adhesive paper, film, foil, thermal and scratch inks, protective varnishes, etc. are used in printing by Arte in Russia of self-adhesive labels by flexographic method. Post-printing operations play in important role in the process of manufacturing of self-adhesive labels. They are: hot stamping, hot and cold embossing, screen printing, printing on the adhesive layer.

For different levels of orders, experienced technologists achieve the effects of a premium label with low-cost components: they combine varnishes, foils and self-adhesive materials, use additional equipment options. This allows the customer to save on the production of self-adhesive labels and more confidently compete in the market.

The list of products offered by manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumery products, always includes soaps, shampoos, gels, lotions and so on. This area is distinguished by large print runs and has special requirements for increased wear resistance of the self-adhesive label. This is due to the use of goods with self-adhesive labels in unfavorable environments, where there is high humidity, a sharp temperature difference, caustic ingredients of cosmetic and perfumery products.

Self-adhesive label for perfumes and cosmetics is printed by us in Moscow on polypropylene films with sets consisting of front and back sides. For crushable tubes, our technologists recommend ordering a self-adhesive polyethylene-based label that can stand multiple creases better than others. Since the packaging of shampoos, soaps and gels often occurs in standard types of containers, we offer customers to save by choosing the right shape of the label from our stamps for cutting. We have wide range of stamps in Russia for printing different labels.

“ARTE” printing house, based in Moscow, Russia has competent specialists, a wide choice of specialized materials and great technological experience in the production of self-adhesive labels for perfumes and cosmetics of any class.