Labels for food products

One of the main directions of “ARTE” printing house is the production of self-adhesive labels for food products in Russia. The manufacturing technology of this type of label has the tough legal requirements for food labels and packaging. The process of storage and transportation of food products with self-adhesive label, require it to be resistant to negative environment, such as moisture and fat resistance, extreme temperatures. The process specialists of the printing house take into consideration these features, offering self-adhesive materials, inks and varnishes for the production of food labels in Moscow, Russia.

The most popular materials used in the manufacture of labels for food products are semi-gloss and thermal papers. Semi-gloss paper is suitable for products with a long date of expiry. Self-adhesive label on the “semi-gloss” keeps its properties up to several years. Such paper is resistant to low and high temperatures. Some manufacturers state the operating temperature of their substrates in the range from -30 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Self-adhesive labels on thermal paper, which we can use for printing in Russia, are used for labeling food with a short date of expiry (on average up to a month). This type of self-adhesive label is not distinguished by increased resistance to mechanical and temperature effects, however, it allows representatives of trade networks to print information on thermal printers.

Managers of our Moscow based printing house are ready to offer the customers modern film materials for printing of self-adhesive labels with increased wear resistance and long-lasting appearance. This type of material is popular with Russian manufacturers of goods whose self-adhesive label comes in contact with fat-containing products.

A separate and important property of the self-adhesive food label is environmental friendliness and safety for the end user. The main safety concerns in the product label are the migration of toxic adhesives and inks into the food product. “ARTE” printing house, Russia works closely with global manufacturers of safe materials for self-adhesive labels for food products. Our customers already offer their food products in the ECO segment.

“ARTE” printing house has competent specialists, a wide choice of specialized substrates and great technological experience in the production of self-adhesive labels for food products in Russia, Moscow.