Printing alcohol labels in Russia

Sale of beverages is impossible without a self-adhesive label - the main advertising and information source for the consumer. Soft drinks are mainly bottled in glass and plastic containers, and a set of labels on the bottle is printed on a translucent polypropylene film. The label for water, juice, mineral water, gas beverages is often printed on semi-glossy self-adhesive paper, the most popular and inexpensive material.

In the production of alcohol products, the self-adhesive label and bottle are of equal value. For the consumer, the main source of information when buying alcohol is the label on the bottle. That’s why, manufacturers try to create an original image of a self-adhesive label, carefully developing the design and choosing a printing house taking into consideration the technological possibilities of production with a good reputation.

Unlike other types of products, where self-adhesive labels are used, alcohol labels often have a paper basis and consist of a single set – collar label, label and back label. Creating a bright and stylish label for wine, vodka or cognac provides a complex design, and production should work with a wide range of materials, own modern technologies in printing and finishing processes.

A large number of imitations on the alcohol market stimulate the development and improvement of the packaging production, the application of all kinds of protective elements to the label and bottle. When printing self-adhesive labels for alcohol products use the branded Pantone colors, metallized, thermo- and scratch inks. With the help of hot or cold foil stamping and embossing, the effect of a 3D label is achieved.

For the production of self-adhesive labels for vodka, a thin transparent film imitating the absence of a label on the bottle is used. Modern flexographic printing technology allows to achieve the effect of printing on glass, which is more economical than applying an image on a bottle. With the use of two-sided printing technology on the label or printing on the adhesive layer, information on the back label is visible through the contents of the bottle. Using combinations of stencil lacquers in the printing of self-adhesive labels, all tactile and visual effects of the texture of the material and individual elements of the label are created.

Metallized papers are often used in the production of self-adhesive labels for cognacs. Such label in combination with the original methods of decoration creates a sense of premium alcohol products.

Wine producers made their choice in favor of self-adhesive labels. Different types of designer self-adhesive materials imitate old types of paper and fabrics associated with the long traditions of winemakers. These materials for self-adhesive wine labels are expensive, have an interesting texture, so the customer would like to underline its dignity, without overloading the details with the layout. As an alternative to paper, transparent, white and metallized films are used to produce a self-adhesive label for wine stored for a long time in cold cellars.

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