Printing of labels for canned food in Russia

Conservation is a common type of food storage and packaging. Label for canned products is an integral element of product promotion on the market. A variety of canned foods and types of canned packaging places special demands on the label. Labels for canned vegetables, seafood, mushrooms, juices, fish products and much more should highlight the goods on the shelf of shops, attract the attention of potential buyers. The label on canned food must be original, stylish, and also carry elements to protect products from counterfeit. A canning label is developed, taking into consideration the design and shape of the cans or packaging, it must take into consideration the modes of transportation and storage of products.

Using the flexographic printing, “ARTE” printing house (Russia, Moscow) prints labels for canned products of various shapes, sizes and types of canned packages, ensuring a high quality and short terms. We offer self-adhesive label printing services in Moscow for canned meat, fish and vegetables on metal, tin and polymer cans.

Features of label for canned food

Self-adhesive material can be any: paper, film, foil. A wide range of self-adhesive materials makes it possible to create a unique design and provides high durability due to its unique properties and reliable adhesive compositions. It is necessary to take into consideration that the label for conservation must preserve its properties throughout the life of the product and firmly hold on to the can. As storage of canned food often takes place at low temperatures and in conditions of high humidity.

Modern production of our printing house will also perform following finishing operations. Hot stamping, hot and cold foil stamping, lamination and varnishing will significantly improve the appearance of the label on cans, protect them from fakes and external influences.

To buy labels for conservation in Russia

To calculate the price of labels, please contact the managers by phone +7 (495) 380-38-71