Labels for antiseptics and sanitizers

“Arte” printing house will make on a by-order basis high-quality label printing for antiseptic and sanitizer in the shortest possible time. A full production cycle from the layout to the shipment of finished products. A large selection of cutting knives available.

Antiseptics or sanitizers are varieties of disinfectants that destroy or slow down the growth of microorganisms. Used for hands washing and disinfecting of various surfaces. Available in the form of solutions, gels, sprays, etc. Today, because of the coronavirus, hand antiseptics have become extremely high-demand goods; previously, the demand for them in Russia was not great. In the fight against infection, production volumes have increased six times, so many manufacturers of hand antiseptics can be found on the market.

How to increase sales and make your product more attractive against competitors?

Choosing a hand antiseptic on a store shelf, the first thing a buyer pays attention to is the label on the package, as well as the reliability, safety and quality of the goods. We will help you to produce a bright and properly designed self-adhesive label for an antiseptic, sanitizer or disinfectant, which will help to increase sales of your disinfectant product.

Printing labels on antiseptics

Our sales department managers will calculate for you the required circulation of the label according to the technical specifications, help with the choice of self-adhesive material (paper or film), adhesive layer and finishing. Our printing house works with European materials from well-known manufacturers such as Fasson, Raflatac and others. We are pleased to inform that “Arte” printing house has recently received FSC certificate. The printing house is equipped with the newest flexographic, digital and finishing equipment. It is possible to print the circulations from 200 pcs. You can familiarize yourself with examples of self-adhesive labels in the "Our work".

Features of labels for antiseptic and sanitizer

The compositions of antiseptics belong to various chemical classes. Therefore, the label on the antiseptic should be resistant to various environmental influences and retain the necessary information about the product until the end of its life. We recommend printing labels for antiseptics on polypropylene or polyethylene film to give maximum strength, wear resistance, elasticity. An antiseptic label made of paper materials will require additional lamination to create a protective layer.

Order and purchase a label for antiseptic and sanitizer

You can calculate the cost and order a label for an antiseptic, as well as for disinfectants, by contacting the sales department by phone +7 (495) 380- 38-71 or by sending a request to