Label printing on cans in Russia

Grocery is one of the largest departments of food supermarkets. This includes goods that do not require special storage conditions, and are characterized by long date of expiry. This is all kinds of canned food, jams, coffee, spices, honey, caviar and other.

Grocery goods are packed in glass, plastic or metal containers, for example, in cans, which are labeled with self-adhesive labels and stickers. The label on the can performs several functions at the same time: it attracts the attention of the buyer among a variety of similar products, it’s informational and advertising. Depending on the package material, the manufacturing technology of the label on the cans may be different.

Features of printing labels on cans

Most often, these are paper stickers of large size without expensive finishing operations. To improve consumer properties, transport and storage the labels on cans are covered with a matte or glossy varnish. To give the original look of the label stamping foil is often used. Paper labels are optimal for products stored at room temperature and relative humidity. For freezing or refrigerated products, it is recommended to produce labels on the film that are resistant to temperature and moisture changes. For this purpose, special adhesives are used, allowing the label to be applied on wet or frozen surfaces. The shape of the label on the can may be made of any geometry: square, rectangular, round, oval or complex. Ready-made self-adhesive stickers are applied to the container manually or automatically.

Printing of labels on cans in Russia by "Arte" printing house

A team of professionals of “ARTE” (Moscow, Russia) will help to make a design or modify the label on a can, suggest the best self-adhesive material (paper or film), type of glue and finishing options. The cost of the work will largely depend on the circulation, the material chosen and the size of the label. The production capabilities of “ARTE” printing house allow to print high-quality self-adhesive label products and any complexity to the dates required by the customer. The company is equipped with the latest European flexographic equipment that meets high printing requirements. You can order labels on the can in rolls in any convenient way: call the printing house by phone +7 (495) 380-38-71, use the form of calculating the circulation or order a call back.