Label printing on transparent film in Russia

Transparent labels with no visible borders and imitation of absence on a tag have become one of the most popular types of self-adhesive printing products. Brand owners have become convinced in its effectiveness. The higher the transparency, the stronger the product attracts attention and subconsciously increases the confidence of the buyer. Transparent label undoubtedly adds more aesthetics and attractiveness to the product, standing out on the shelf, allows the consumer to study the content in detail and provides accurate brand recognition. If desired, you can achieve the effect of the absence of labels, as if the image is applied directly to a bottle, container or a jar.

Features and spheres of uses of transparent labels

We print in Russia stickers on different transparent and highly transparent substrates of self-adhesive materials in combination with transparent glue.

Transparent stickers are marked on hard or compressible, relief or smooth packaging made of glass, polyester, etc. Transparent labels look particularly advantageous on the glass packaging and can easily replace a direct printing. They are made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) films for household chemicals, personal care products, perfumery, and non-alcoholic industries, but most of all orders are for alcohol beverages.

Due to the high competition, beer companies and producers of strong alcohol of the middle and premium segments pay great attention to the design of goods. In order to achieve the greatest attractiveness, originality and recognition of products, “invisible” labels on bottles are chosen to complement the unusual texture and shape of the container, as well as to underscore the importance of the brand and the quality of the drink itself.

Transparent self-adhesive stickers are actively used on glass windows or doors of supermarkets and public transport.

Advantages of a transparent label

Printing of transparent labels in Russia has several advantages over direct image application: lower cost with a wide choice of finishing operations (Arte printshop make varnishing, embossing, foiling, etc.), printing of small parts and fonts, a variety of colors, high image quality, flexible variability of packaging design.

Label printing on a film has advantages compared with a paper label: it doesn’t lose brightness and color over time, it is much stronger and more durable, leaves no traces when peeled off.

Leading suppliers of self-adhesive materials for labels with which “ARTE” printing house cooperates constantly improve their product range. That’s why, you can order “invisible” labels in Russia on the newest and ultrathin film materials with high transparency, which do not turn white contacting with moisture, and are resistant to friction and environmental temperature changes during the life cycle.

“ARTE” printing house can print by a flexographic method in Moscow:

  • Transparent labels for household chemicals;
  • Transparent labels for perfume bottles;
  • Transparent self-adhesive labels for personal care products;
  • Transparent labels on bottles of soft drinks;
  • Transparent labels with absence effect on alcohol;
  • Transparent adhesive labels for pharmaceuticals;
  • Transparent stickers on the windows of transport;
  • Transparent stickers on doors and shop windows.

The minimum run will depend on the size of the self-adhesive label. Delivery of transparent labels in Moscow and the Moscow region is free. The delivery to the regions of Russia is carried out by any transport company to the choice of the customer.