Label printing in Russia on self-adhesive paper

The best way to present the products to the buyer now is the printing of labels on self-adhesive paper. "Arte" printing house produces high-quality labels in Moscow, which stick to your goods easily and carry a huge message about the company or enterprise, remaining in the memory of the buyer for a long time. High label efficiency is guaranteed by a professional team and modern equipment of our Russian-based label printshop.

What we use for the production

Self-adhesive labels usually differ by a format of production and color. But also different paper is used for their production, for example: matte, glossy paper, transparent films and many other textures. Based on our experience, we can conclude that inscriptions look glamour on metallized paper, the shades of which are endless.

Labels printed by Russian "Arte" company can withstand even high humidity, they will not spoil, start to wrinkle and rub over, which is very important for frequent shipments of the cargo. Undoubtedly, the main advantage of products can be called the resistance of self-adhesive labels to rapid change of different temperatures, from the lowest to the highest, and they are also resistant for ultraviolet light, grease and water.

Printing methods of self-adhesive labels:

- Flexo printing.

This method involves printing labels on self-adhesive paper of your choice. You will be able to choose a variety of options for finishing your labels, as well as be sure that this printing method is well-developed and of high quality.

Mirror lamination has also recently become fashion. We offer a wide variety of, for example, rectangular adhesive labels or stickers with various shapes and figures. We can fulfill all your wishes thanks to the professional equipment and the work of a team of chic designers.

- How to choose between poller, cutting and die-cutting?

When using the offset printing method, in most cases, cutting is used, and not die-cutting. This is done in order to produce high quality material in large quantities. In the case of the necessity of a circulation with a complex configuration, the most effective method of printing will be plotter die-cutting.

The production process of our labels on self-adhesive materials involves several sequential actions that lead to a high-quality and durable product: continuous or selective varnishing with ultraviolet light, as well as foil stamping. Recently, there have been many orders for thermochromic inks that are applied to labels, and opaque white is used primarily to create combined images on any basis (metallized, transparent, colored).

Also, labels made by our company in Russia on polyvinyl chloride are popular. But we want to remind that the use of this kind of vinyl labels is not allowed for food labeling.

If you decide to print labels on self-adhesive paper for your products in Russia, you are welcome at our printing house. We will make for you any circulation of the most unique, memorable and high-quality stickers.