Printing of self-adhesive labels in Russia

Nowadays almost every company, enterprise or firm use self-adhesive labels, because they are not only convenient, but also practical in use. Besides, labels can have an interesting design, attract customers and be a center for introducing of interesting ideas to promote their products. If you want to buy self-adhesive labels for your products in Russia, you should know some details about them.

What are self-adhesive labels?

So, before ordering a self-adhesive label, you need to know its advantages and sphere of its use. The main task of such stickers is to introduce the goods properly, regardless of the industry to which they apply. Also, the choice of packaging, where all the goods are packed, plays an important role, but in most cases, this is a secondary task. Labels of Moscow based “ARTE” printing house are a quality product, thanks to which it is convenient to identify all products or goods of any company, carry out marketing mix, and underline the advantages of your company, thanks to highlighting of your best sides on the label. It carries information about the object, which is marked.

We offer the label which will tell others about your product better than any other way. Productive media properly characterize your product, so we are picky about the production of stickers. The bright color of the label is one of the rules of good trading, but this is not enough. It is very important to correctly identify all the positive sides of a label. Then the question arises, how to make your label special, attention-getting and not like the others?

What is needed for unique self-adhesive label printed in Russia?

Daily competition in the market for goods and services is growing, regardless of the industry of your production. Each product is played up in a new way, new slogans are invented, and so on. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of any product or service, you should carefully consider sending your product to a potential buyer. We know what and how to make people look at your product!

Our ways to make you unique:

As a first step, we offer to personalize your labels. We mean not to a stock design, but the creation of a unique and original design for labels, namely:

  • Foil stamping;
  • Lamination;
  • Glossy, matte and other coating;
  • Multilayer label coating;
  • Non-standard label shapes.

All abovementioned variants are great for creating creative ideas and adding of design features that can highlight your product among the rest. By combining together the unique design, non-standard label shape and embossing, you will receive a quality product that will focus on the main goals or advantages of your company. We recommend to entrust the printing to the professionals of this business, that’s why we offer our services.

Difference of quality label

As a rule, the quality level of labels can be determined on the basis of two criteria:

  • Quality material under the base;
  • The correct print option that guarantees the desired result.

“ARTE” printing house, Russia, prints labels with a design that will be different from any other stickers; we treat each order with passion and try to make it as unique as possible. To perform their work with quality, designers are guided by the current world trends. Due to this, we create labels using flexographic equipment, making a high-quality and large-circulation product in Russia.

Our Moscow based Arte printshop can boast of a team of highly-qualified employees with great experience and high qualifications. That’s why, if you want to order our products, you can ask managers any questions, and they will consult you in detail on all points, starting from the choice of material, to the selection of ink and design.

One more advantage of Arte label-printing company is a free color proof for your labels. If you do not know which color to choose, we will offer several options in a different frame for free, making it easier to determine which final labeling option suits you best.

What is the best circulation of labels?

If you are the head of a huge company that produces many different products under its name, we recommend you to pay attention to many other offers. Today, flexographic printing is available to everyone, now there is no need to order huge print runs to save on printing costs, we immediately offer the best prices. Large circulation will be beneficial if you decide to expand or completely change the type of your products.

When you decide to put on sale a new product line in Russia, small print runs that our printing house makes at the shortest will be appropriate. After the goods are accepted by buyers and begin to be sold, you can switch from digital to flexographic printing. This is done for the reason that the second type of printing is more economical in large print runs. Besides, they are made very quickly, have high quality on any material, whatever you choose, and you can also change their shape. As for the cost of this service, it varies depending on the size of the circulation, the more you order the circulation, the lower the one piece price will be.

Making of design to your labels

Arte (Moscow, Russia) printing house has huge opportunities and advantages regarding rebranding for your products. Our designers use the latest software and modern technology that allows them to work wonders. You need to update products regularly, because today you made modern design for your self-adhesive labels, and after six months, it no longer attracts any attention from customers and you need to create something more interesting, stylish and attractive. Only advanced and experienced designers, whose services are offered by “ARTE” company, can cope with this work.

Keep yourself safe

Speech in this paragraph will focus on product fake. As a rule, only simple labels that did not undergo personalization are falsified, their level of protection is almost zero, that’s why such similar items are very easy to fake. Unfortunately, it often happens and it brings great losses for companies.

In order to avoid it, trust the printing of self-adhesive labels and stickers to our printing house, because we use specialized equipment that protects products from counterfeit thanks to postprinting modifications.

We can protect your labels as following:

  • Apply micro text;
  • Hologram;
  • Watermark;
  • To use lamination;
  • Embossing;
  • Varnishing;
  • Adhesive layer.

If you promote your products in supermarkets due to the front label, you should know that all information about methods of use, doses of use and other details is written on the back label. First of all, the buyer should familiarize himself with the front information carrier, where the necessary information about you will be briefly stated.

We know how to attract the attention of a potential buyer namely to your product, so we always carefully treat the colors and graphics on the label. These two components are immediately noticeable to the buyer, after which he decides whether to pay attention to the product or not. Beautiful text and good color play a very important role and complement one another. The company does its best in order the client will pay attention to your products, understand everything and appreciate with confidence, and the company’s incomes will increase.

Self-adhesive labels and stickers printed by “ARTE” in Russia have great success with large businesses, and the newest foreign equipment allows you to create unique products that will always be on velvet.

3 reasons to order labels in Russia in “ARTE”

  • High quality equipment. We produce our products exclusively on modern printing machines from top brands, and also use advanced flexographic methods for the production of labels and stickers.
  • Service. We find an individual way to each customer, fulfilling all his wishes during production. We guarantee the compliance of your desires with reality. Besides you will be able to control the process of work keeping in touch with the personal manager of our company.
  • Pricing policy. In spite of the high competition, we can afford to offer the best prices for the production of self-adhesive labels.