Special labels

The conditions of tough competition in the market push the manufacturers of goods for experiments with the printing and design of self-adhesive labels. “ARTE” printing house specializes in printing of all kinds of self-adhesive advertising stickers, chips and non-standard label products in Russia.

Various technologies, a wide range of materials and inks with different performance properties are used for the production of such self-adhesive labels.

Self-adhesive chips for trading shares in retail chains are produced by industrial runs in a short time, they are distinguished by simple execution and do not demand quality of materials. Advertising stickers of well-known brands are characterized by increased complexity of manufacturing and requirements for the durability of materials and, at the same time, are printed in small print runs.

To use self-adhesive advertising products on transparent windows and doors, a two-sided effect is used, in which the mirror reverse image is first printed, then an opaque layer of white ink separating the images is put, and then the front image is printed. Printing of such labels can be carried out in more than 15 colors and requires special skill printers. With a simple reverse image, the adhesive layer of the label can also be printed using turn bars.

The technology of multi-layer printing of self-adhesive labels is presented in Russia, the so-called coupon labels, allows the manufacturer to apply a greater amount of information on the product with a small printed area. In this case, self-adhesive materials are used to repeatedly unstick the layers without losing the adhesive properties of the label. Arte printshop prints multi-layer self-adhesive coupon labels in Russia, Moscow.

If it’s necessary to protect the product from unauthorized opening the technology of self-adhesive protective labels will help. The label is printed on a special filler material that breaks down at the first opening.

Arte printshop, based in Moscow, Russia offers the production of self-adhesive thermal labels on various thermal materials (eco thermal, thermal semi, thermal top). Such self-adhesive labels allow you to put additional information on its surface using a thermal printer.

Scratch inks and varnishes are used for labels with removable layer used in lotteries and promotions. The desired area is covered with a protective layer that is easily removed without damaging the information under it.

For goods that require easy removal of self-adhesive labels (dishes, clothes, household goods, etc.), various self-adhesive materials are used with easily removable glue that leaves no traces.

When solving advertising and marketing tasks for products used in different temperature conditions, the technology of printing of self-adhesive labels with thermal inks is used, such labels react to temperature. This technology allows the consumer to find correctly the optimum temperature of use of the product using a self-adhesive label. Arte print self-adhesive labels with thermal inks in Russia, Moscow.

There are also variants for printing security labels that react to sunlight and change their color depending on the intensity of light or labels shining in the UV lamp. Such properties of labels are actively used by manufacturers to protect the product from counterfeiting.

Recently, a melted label (InMould technology) has become popular. This type of label is popular with manufacturers who pack goods in various plastic containers: canisters, containers, buckets, bottles, etc. When labeling, a self-adhesive label is melted under pressure into a container, forming a single unit with it. In this case, the image receives high resistance to mechanical damage, stands high, low temperatures and exposure to aggressive environment. The melted label provides a certain level of protection against counterfeiting, since its production is cost-effective at high runs and a limited number of printing houses owns InMold technology. Arte printshop offers InMold labels in Russia, Moscow.

Our printing house offers production of self-adhesive labels for tires. Storage in unheated warehouses, in the open air and mechanical impact means a special resistance to abrasion and exposure to the external environment of self-adhesive labels for tires. Such label is either covered with a protective layer (varnish, lamination), or self-adhesive materials with these qualities are used. The surface of the tires is embossed and often polluted, so we always recommend the use of reinforced glue for labels on tires.

“ARTE” printing house has competent specialists, a wide choice of specialized materials and great technological experience in printing special label products.