Colored self-adhesive labels

"ARTE" printing house (Moscow) is a progressive Russian company specializing in the production of self-adhesive labels. We equipped with hi-end flexo-printing machines and our process engineers are top level flexo technology specialists. You can be sure in the quality of labels we print, as we use proven substrates suppliers from Europe. We guarantee high quality of labels, their durability and attractive prices.

Our products can be used in the following industries:

  • Construction. Adhesive labels are great for marking of your construction materials, for example: construction mixtures, metal construction, ink, packaging with parts and so on. We offer a wide selection of colored labels with good adhesive characteristics that will attract customer attention.
  • Food. In the food industry, any product will be easy to recognize, determine the price and date of expiry due to “ARTE” labels. By ordering of color labels, you will receive not only attractive labeling in Russia, but you product will look very nice. Convenient to use for hot, cold, bulk products, confectionery, alcohol and other foods.
  • Transportation. Products do not spoil and do not wear even with strong friction of labeled stickers during transportation from warehouse to stores, and also from city to city.

Self-adhesive labels can be of several kinds:

  • Eco label. This type of product is made thanks to thermal coated paper. You can choose text or graphic printing, and both will be done using a thermal printer.
  • Semi-gloss. The name is self-explanatory; in the production of such products, high-quality semi-gloss paper with a one-sided adhesive surface is used. During the manufacturing process, we use thermal transfer with painted tape. Our company guarantees you the quality of the goods, as it is undergone to all necessary thermal and mechanical treatments.
  • Top labels. They are used in cases with goods that have long-distance transportation and which are in stock for a long time. We put on paper a large multi-layer of thermal coating and there is a high-quality texture that withstands various temperature gradient and moisture.

Production of “ARTE” printing house is a quality product that you can buy on our website. To order stickers, it is enough to make a couple of mouse clicks or to call the phones indicated on the site pages. Company managers will consult you on labeling issues, tell you which type is best for your industry, and place orders. Delivery is made to any city in Russia, both to the post office and to home or to the office. We work quickly and smoothly, so you do not have to wait long for your order.

As to the price policy of “ARTE” company, we provide the best prices in Moscow (Russia) and a wide range of products, starting from thermal labels, semi-gloss and thermal transfer labels, to labels for electronic scales and environmental labels.

You can also find requirements for the layout of self-adhesive products, and also to get acquainted with the full price list for all products of the company at our web-site.