The quality control of finished products at our printing house in Russia is made in accordance with Standard TU 9572-001-11634908-2014, various methods of visual and instrumental control are used, which guarantee a stable high quality of label products. All received data is stated in the technical card. Our quality department successfully implements thorough multi-step control at all stages of the production of self-adhesive labels.

The control starts with the materials coming to the printing house: self-adhesive paper and film, inks, varnishes, adhesive tapes, forms, etc. The marking is checked for compliance with the ordered substrate, each new roll is inspected for damage and package integrity. The quality of the surface of the material, the adhesion properties of the ink, varnish and adhesive layer is controlled. Inks, varnishes and printed chemistry are also checked by our technologists for compliance with the stated characteristics. We use materials only from world-class European manufacturers that guarantee the highest quality - UPM Raflatac, Fasson, 3M, Kocher & Back, Flint Group, Sun Chemical, Du Pont, etc.

We pay special attention to the input check of flexo printing plates. Since a small defect of flexographic plate can lead to a breakdown of the run, deadlines for reprinting it. Plates are carefully checked for compliance with printed elements of the signed layout, the technological parameters are analyzed: the height of printed elements, the presence or absence of raster points in highlights and shadows. For high-precision installation of flexo plates, an installation table equipped with video cameras is used on which re-checking takes place.

Visual methods of controlling of printed materials are the simplest, but at the same time, the fastest and most effective. In the process of printing of a self-adhesive label, the appearance and the presence of visible defects are controlled: an uneven ink or varnish layer, dividing into layers, scratches, the inclusion of dustpoints, foil adhesion, etc.

To control the color, the operator compares the print with the color proof or with an approved print sample, if the print run was printed earlier. Comparison of color shades, density, intension is performed without the use of magnifying arrangements at a distance of no more than 1 meter using scattered daylight or an artificial light source (calibrated 6500K).

For instrumental monitoring of color variables and densitometric densities, we use the X-Rite Spectro Eye spectrophotometer. It is used to control the color deviation (delta E) that may occur during printing. This device and the associated software are used to control and accurately reproduce color when mixing brand colors and Pantone colors in our coloristic laboratory.

The geometric dimensions of the labels are controlled using a magnifying glass for linear and angular measurements, corresponding to GOST 25706. The strength of inks and varnishes fixing is checked with a special 3M tape using the FINAT FTM21 method. In the prepress process, we apply regular calibration of monitors using the X-Rite i1 Display Pro calibrator. The combination of colors in the print is controlled automatically on the printing press.

At the stage of rewinding and cutting the control is made by inspection and rewinding equipment SMAG C4R +, equipped with sensors missed labels. The operator monitors the presence of defects in print, the uniformity and smoothness of unwinding streams, the quality of trimming the edges and the cut itself, the number of self-adhesive labels in the unwinding, the diameter of the roll cores and other parameters.

At the final stage, the following is checked: marking, complete set and packaging according to the technical card of the order and customer requirements. The rollers of the finished product are packed in film, then in cardboard boxes. This provides the safety of products during transportation and storage. Boxes are marked with stickers with information about the order. The type of stickers and the information contained in them is approved by the customer.

A complex and high-tech self-adhesive label occupies most of our products, the production of which requires special skills and attention. Quality control in our company is a systematic professional work, built on the conscientious attitude of all participants in the production process. Due to this, our customers can be sure in the high quality of order execution.

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