BOSBT M5 printing line allows you to use a wide range of substrates, such as self-adhesive, consisting of two or three layers, and monofilms. The chilled cylinders of big diameter make it possible to work stable with very thin films, which is undoubtedly our serious competitive advantage in Russia.

During the production of labels, we follow current market trends. We closely monitor all the latest developments in the field of self-adhesive substrates and monofilms of top-brand manufacturers, with who we cooperate.

The printing house uses products of such European manufacturers that guarantee the highest quality, such as: UPM Raflatac, Fasson, 3M, Kocher + Beck, Flint Group, Sun Chemical, Du Pont, etc.

In the production of self-adhesive labels in Russia, the following main printing materials are used:

  • Semi-gloss paper (standard glue)
  • Semi-gloss paper (reinforced glue)
  • Thermal paper Eco (standard glue)
  • Thermal paper Top (standard glue)
  • Thermal paper Top (reinforced glue)
  • Polypropylene white (PP White)
  • Polypropylene transparent (PP Clear)
  • Polypropylene super transparent (PP Super Clear)
  • Polypropylene metallized (Metalized PP)
  • Polyethylene white (PE White)
  • Polyethylene transparent (PE Clear)
  • Paper for wine labels in stock
  • Metallized paper (standard glue)
  • Metallized paper (reinforced glue)
  • Foil paper (gold)
  • Foil paper (silver)
  • Foil paper (mat. silver)
  • Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP)

For cold stamping, we use a wide range of various foils: silver, gold, color, holographic, etc.

For self-adhesive labels printing, we use inks and varnishes manufactured by Sun Chemical, ToyoInk and others - the world leaders in the design and manufacture of flexographic printing consumables.

Knowledge of the features and specifics of the use of various materials is an integral part of technological process. Our specialists have a rich experience in the production of self-adhesive labels. We are happy to share our knowledge and consult you regarding all issues of usage of possible materials for flexo printing.

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