The heart of our printing house (Moscow) is a modern 10-color printing line BOBST M5, which allows making a high-quality flexo printing and various types of finishing of the self-adhesive label in one run (on-line).

Due to the servo-driven construction, the average speed of the printing line is 150 meters per minute. Width of the printed material is up to 430 mm. All this makes Bobst M5 one of the most high-performance in its class. A high degree of automation of the printing line provides a quick and easy change of work, quick access to the production print with minimal loss of time and materials.

The equipment is equipped with a coronator, turn bars for printing on the reverse side of the web, a Delam / Relam device, a combo laminator for laminating or applying cold foil, and sections of hot stamping, cutting, removing and unwinding of the waste (snow ball).

For installation of plates on cylinders, a mounting table, Plate Mounter NG2, equipped with high-precision video cameras, is used. Accurate and precision flexo plate installation ensures fast order registration and reduces material loss.

SMAG C4R + inspection and rewinding machine is used to rewind rollers, cut into streams, and waste removing. It allows you to make the rewinding at a speed of 400 meters per minute. The machine is equipped with inspection and control equipment that controls the missing and defective labels.

The prepress department and the color laboratory are equipped with modern colorimetric equipment X-Rite i1 Display Pro and spectrophotometer X-Rite Spectro Eye.

Our specialists have a rich experience in the production of self-adhesive labels. We are happy to share our knowledge and consult you regarding all issues of printing and finishing of self-adhesive labels.

Recently Arte printshop (Moscow, Russia) was equipped with another BOBST MX printing line. We have solid backup of our printing capabilities.

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