The technological process of production of a self-adhesive label means not only the printing itself, but also a number of post-press finishing and on-line operations. Post-press finishing of the label in Russia improves its consumer and protective properties, gives the original look and highlights from the total mass.

Our printing house has a wide range of possibilities for finishing of a self-adhesive label that allows you to implement any design ideas and perform technologically difficult works with high quality:

  • Full-color printing with UV inks in several runs. In one run, the machine makes flexo printing up to 10 colors, however an unlimited number of runs is possible. This is used in the case of double-sided label printing used on transparent surfaces: doors, windows, shop windows.
  • UV printing with metallized inks.
  • Delam / Relam is used to create coupon multipage labels and print on the adhesive layer. In the process of printing the liner is separated from the web, and the reverse side can be printed up to 4 colors.
  • In the process of Delam / Relam, partial or complete blocking of the adhesive layer can be made - coating with a special varnishing composition of the adhesive layer (valve) for coupon labels.
  • Flexo printing on paper and on mono materials without adhesive layer.
  • Cold foil stamping during printing (Cold Foil). A wide range of foils, including holographic, is used.
  • Cold lamination with glossy and matte film. Laminated label is more resistant to external unfavorable factors and keeps its presentation for a long time.
  • Solid or selective UV varnishing with gloss or matt varnish.
  • Blister pigments can be added to UV varnishes to create special effects.
  • Perforation of the face material and the substrate.
  • Congreve to create a relief on the label.
  • Die-cutting, including split-level die-cutting.
  • Creating a peel-off label (label - booklet).
  • Screen printing. The use of screen varnishes and inks is widely used in wine, vodka, perfumery labels to create tactile effects, three-dimensional elements (Braille varnish) and to obtain "rich" deep colors. The combination of matte inks and glossy varnishes applied during screen printing is especially glamorous.
  • Hot stamping (of-line) allows you to apply foil on various types of materials, including design paper used in the wine label. Provides a clear study of the details of the image, such as small fonts, medals on labels, thin lines, vignettes, etc.
  • Blind embossing. In flexographic printing, there is a technological possibility to make an image simultaneously pressed and embossed, thanks to the combination of hot stamping and blind embossing within the same label.
  • Printing with special types of inks: fluorescent UV inks, thermochromic inks that react to ultraviolet or infrared radiation.
  • Flexographic printing with inks and varnishes with odor capsules, including perfumery.

Our specialists have a rich experience in the production of self-adhesive labels with finishing in Russia. We are happy to share our knowledge and consult you regarding all issues of printing and finishing of self-adhesive labels in Moscow.

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