Specialists in printing labels know that high-quality and professional prepress layout preparation ensures a successful result. Arte printshop team understands this, so we pay special attention to the initial stage of the production of self-adhesive label in Russia.

The prepress department (Moscow) is equipped with modern equipment: high-performance work stations processing large volumes of graphic information; calibrated monitors that can be used as a color proof; calibrators; spectrophotometers; densitometers; all sorts of color scales.

Arte printshop, based in Moscow, Russia, uses only modern licensed graphic programs. Neutral colors of the production room and properly adjusted lighting allow to control the process of color correction and color reproduction when printing of self-adhesive labels. All employees of the department have specialized education, solid grounding in creating and preparing for printing layouts.

The printing process in our premises in Moscow undergoes through calibration, taking into consideration the transformation of colors and half-tones of the image in the process of color correction, color proofing, the production of flexographic forms and label printing. The result of this calibration is the construction of icc profiles for each type of printed material: self-adhesive paper, all kinds of transparent and opaque films, metallized materials, foil, etc.

Before printing the run, according to the customer’s request, we provide color proof images that imitate the colors of the run print label. Thus, the customer can estimate in advance the quality of the colors of future printing and be sure in the final result.

Specialists of our label prepress department in Russia are ready to advise you on the development, prepress preparation, color separation and label printing.

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